Why Open Source Is Not Always Good


Posted on 30 May 2013 15:11 in Small Business Hacks by ShimBi Labs

Let's see some of the Cons of Open Sources CMS and Pros of close sources CMS system like ShimBi CMS Budo.


"Global Attack on WordPress Sites" this was subject of the email that we sent out to all our ASK4Host.com customers early last week.  This email was to inform them about steps we have taken to protect their websites on our servers and what steps they should take at their end in order to safeguard their websites.


Around first and second week of April 2014, there was an ongoing and highly distributed, global attack on Wordpress installations to crack open admin accounts and inject various malicious scripts.
After detailed analysis of the attack pattern, we found out that most of the attacks was originating from Wordpress sites. Further analysis revealed that the admin accounts had been compromised (in one form or the other), and malicious scripts were uploaded into the directories.


This attack was happening at a global level, and Wordpress instances across hosting providers were targeted. Since the attack was highly distributed in nature (most of the IP's used are spoofed), it was making it difficult for us to block all malicious data.


Further, we found this attack was not only on Wordpress but also on Zoomla and most of the other open source Content Managment Systems (CMS). Many of them including Wordpress ask their user to ensure to update or Install the security plugins. Also release information on how to safeguard sites from these attacks.


During the same time, ShimBi CMS Budo users were at peace of mind, because it was secured from such attacks and all safety majors are in placed.


Why, ShimBi CMS Budo is safe? Let's see some of the Cons of Open Sources CMS and Pros of close sources CMS system like ShimBi CMS Budo.

Cons of Open CMS
  1. Because of the popularity of open source systems, many people are familiar with open source code, which creates a higher risk for hacking.
  2. If you choose to design in an open source system, your development team is going to need to put time and work into preventing third-party tampering.
  3. Complicated to integrate & Customise.
  4. Too many things which you don't need
Pros of Close CMS
  1. Closed source software usually equates to better security and support. It doesn't mean that is perfect 100% secured, but if a problem occurs Development Company usually quickly can take care of it and there is no cost to you.
  2. Close source CMS come with properly documented manuals. Many companies also offer human support.
  3. Some companies even offer regular updates that are continually improving the product.
  4. Comes with clean and easy to use admin panel with only things you required.
These are just few reasons ShimBi CMS Budo based site are safe.
About ShimBi CMS
ShimBi CMS is a Web Content Management System (Web CMS) built using LAMP platform. Goal of this project is to build world class CMS product (we call it as ShimBi CMS), which will be very easy to use, simple yet very advance in technology and will allow you to update and manage website without help of web designer. 

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