YouTube - an effective marketing tool for your business

Posted on 05 Nov 2020 17:00 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Video marketing is the most appealing and eye catching method used by many companies across the world. YouTube being the world's best and highly viewed video streaming platform is the ideal platform for it. So start marketing your business!

YouTube seems to be the all-time most popular and engaging online video-sharing platform by Google among the generation. YouTube now has 2 billion monthly users, who watch 250 million hours on tv screens daily, which means almost one-third of the internet. It is the 2nd most visited site in the world. 37% of all mobile internet traffic belongs to YouTube. On average, people spend 40 minutes on YouTube. Most importantly, 62% of businesses use YouTube.


As it has such massive visibility, many brands and businesses are using this platform as a means of marketing themselves.


People of all ages watch YouTube, but the primary target audience is aged from 15-40. 


Why should I start a YouTube channel?

Rather than reading about your brand and products on your website, watching a video is always preferred. It is more visually attractive and exciting. A video explains all the necessary details, advantages, usages, and methods in a comfortable and visually appealing way. It adds depth to your marketing mix.


So, what better platform than YouTube for it?

It is a very effective and cost-free method of marketing. No charges are applied for making a YouTube channel and uploading videos. 

All you have to do is shoot high-quality videos.


YouTube Marketing

A basic YouTube marketing strategy will help you build your brand's identity, showcase your products, services, and connect with your audience in a fresh and exciting way. You can also get feedback through the comments section.


The more likes and subscribers you get, the more potential clients and leads for your business. According to a study, 64% of customers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.


For increasing your visibility on YouTube, you need to know the algorithm it works on. You can then work on your content and make your videos at the top of the YouTube listings.


YouTube algorithm

Like every other social media platform, YouTube, too, works on an algorithm. It shows videos according to your likings in its 'recommendation' and your feed. Whenever you search for something, it shows you many videos related to your search and lists them according to the video and channels popularity.


Its recommendation algorithm determines more than 70% of what people watch on YouTube. Hence, it will help if you work on that. So, if anyone is interested in a similar topic, the algorithm shows your videos to them.


Google engineers conducted a study and listed the ways one could promote their videos on YouTube:


  • Click-through rate – below every video, there is a 'like' and 'dislike' button. After watching your video, the more likes you get, the better the ranking your video gets. Hence in your videos, you should encourage the viewer to like, comment, and share your videos. You can also tell them to subscribe to your channel and press the bell icon so that whenever you upload a new video, they get notified about it.
  •  Watch time – it means the combined amount of time the viewers have spent on your videos. The more the watch time, the better visibility.
  • The algorithm favors engaging videos. So, videos that are watched till the very end will have greater visibility than videos abandoned early.
  • The number of videos the user has watched from your channel also affects your ranking. If the first video is attractive, users might go to your channel and view the others.
  • The YouTube recommendations are based on the user's past searches and watched videos. This part is not in your hands. According to the users liked videos and the type of videos he/she watches currently, it changes from time to time.
  • Users' demographic and location – YouTube does show locally made videos to the people, but that is not always the case. 


YouTub Insights


The aim should be to create awareness about your brand and increase engagement with the audience. You do not have to be a hit and have millions of likes and views for that. Focus on your business and product rather than creating entertaining, mass appealing videos.


How to create an ideal video?

According to a recent analysis, YouTube videos under 2 minutes in length get more views on it. This shows that people prefer to watch short videos.


Hence create short, to-the-point videos. You can make videos on any topic, aspect, and product of your company. Just make sure it sends a message and is visually appealing.


Consistency is the key to a good engagement. Hence, keep uploading videos regularly. Select a day and keep informing viewers that you upload a new video every Monday or Wednesday, whichever day you like.


Spread the word

You not only have to upload videos, but you also have to share it with your customers so that they get aware of it.


Share everywhere. You can put links to your channel on your Instagram and Facebook handles. Even on your website, you can embed your YouTube video.


Budo is a leading cloud-based website builder by Shimbi Labs. It is created to help people make their websites without any technical skills. It also allows you to embed YouTube videos on your website!



YouTube provides a perfect platform for launching and marketing your products and services, and in the end, it all depends on how you utilize it.


Hence in your spare time, record and create attractive videos and create your YouTube channel right away!

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