What should we write on Shimbi Blog?

Posted on : 18-Jul-2019  in  Shimbi Insights    by Siddharth Deshmukh

We are in the process of restructuring Shimbi Labs blog, not only design but content as well and here is what I think, what we should write.

10 common web design mistakes that can kill your website

Posted on : 16-Jul-2019  in  Web & App Design    by Margi Mehta

Here are 10 most common mistakes that can possibly give a back seat to your website and must be taken care of without fail to meet the requirements of good web design.

6 “Must Have” elements for any website footer

Posted on : 14-Jul-2019  in  Web & App Design    by Margi Mehta

Any website may it be an online shopping site, university website, event management site, a general informational site for any company, footer play a vital role in the web design. Footer is also an important part of your website navigation and user experie

Top 10 internal linking best practices for your website

Posted on : 11-Jul-2019  in  Web & App Design    by Rimi Sharma

When it comes to the topic of internal linking in website, many things, it is complicated. In fact, internal linking is a straightforward concept and very easy to implement if done right, and everyone should be doing it.

In and out of developing user-centric content.

Posted on : 09-Jul-2019  in  Web & App Design    by Margi Mehta

In this blog, let us talk about “User-Centric Content”; a much discussed and needed term in the ever-expanding field of content writing for the website and important element of digital marketing.

How to increase your visibility with the website created using Budo?

Posted on : 07-Jul-2019  in  Shimbi Labs Products    by Rimi Sharma

Creating your website is just the beginning. Promoting your website and driving traffic to your website is essential. With Budo's built-in social media platform. SEO Booster, Blog and Newsletter promoting your website is effortless.

DO's and DON'Ts for choosing the right fonts for your website

Posted on : 05-Jul-2019  in  Web & App Design    by Margi Mehta

The art and science of selecting the right fonts and amalgamating it with the correct kerning, tracking, leading, layout and colour of the text are collectively known as typography. The perfect font will surely make the readers go through the content once.

Freelancers, how to ensure you ALWAYS get paid and ON TIME?

Posted on : 03-Jul-2019  in  Small Business Hacks    by Snehasish Powali

Cash flow is a lifeline for freelancers. Getting paid 100% every time and on time for the services you provide is so crucial. Here are some steps you can take to increase the possibility of getting paid on time.

What are the problems faced by Indian small enterprises in accounts department?

Posted on : 01-Jul-2019  in  Small Business Hacks    by CA Prashant Khinvasara

This blog focuses on Indian MSEM and the problems faced by them in the Accounts Department, and possible solutions to resolve these problems. 

Our romance with remote working

Posted on : 29-Jun-2019  in  Shimbi Insights    by Siddharth Deshmukh

As we embarked on a journey to be remote working at Shimbi Labs, its just 3 months and we are enjoying it so much. 

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