Advocate Santosh Naidu: Inspiring Story Of Journey From Steno Typist To Successful Advocate

Posted on : 23-Sep-2017  in  Inspiring Stories    by ShimBi Labs

Here is the first story of blog series"Inspiring Entrepreneurial Success Stories" about Advocate Santosh Naidu, a man with strong, desired to succeed.

Inspiring Entrepreneurial Success Stories

Posted on : 22-Sep-2017  in  Inspiring Stories    by Siddharth Deshmukh

This blog is our humble endeavor to compile and narrate success stories of inspiring businesses to the world. I sincerely believe that every entrepreneur has a very inspiring story to tell and us to learn.

Why Excel is Unfit for Generating Invoices

Posted on : 27-Aug-2017  in  Small Business Hacks    by ShimBi Labs

In general Freelancers, Startups and Small Business tend to use Excel for their invoicing requirement. But these 10 points will prove you why Excel is wrong choice to create invoices.

India Business - Get Paid Online, Faster and Easier, With Shimbi Invoice Payment Integration

Posted on : 14-Aug-2017  in  Shimbi Labs Products    by ShimBi Labs

Since 2006, Shimbi Labs helping freelancers and small businesses streamline their invoicing. Today we are announcing 4 payment options for our Indian Business to get paid online.

Shimbi Invoice is GST-ready for India

Posted on : 08-Jul-2017  in  Shimbi Labs Products    by ShimBi Labs

Creating GST compliant invoices takes just seconds with Shimbi Invoice. Stop worrying about GST and focus on growing your business.

Today is Shimbi Lab's 12th anniversary

Posted on : 12-Jun-2017  in  Shimbi Insights    by ShimBi Labs

During all these years only thing doesn't change, our mission to provide Simple, Powerful, Innovative yet Affordable software solutions to customers.

Shimbi Labs: The Story Behind Our New Logo

Posted on : 05-Apr-2017  in  Shimbi Insights    by Siddharth Deshmukh

Every picture has a story, but when it is about a company logo, it has something much more profound and interesting than just an ordinary story. Siddharth Deshmukh founder and CEO of Shimbi Labs shares the fascinating journey of the new logo of Shimbi Labs

Customers Are Your Valentine!

Posted on : 14-Feb-2017  in  Shimbi Insights    by ShimBi Labs

Your customers will be the reason you enjoy your best laughs and momentous joy of the year with your significant one, this Valentine's Day!

Working Holidays - Fact and Fun

Posted on : 06-Feb-2017  in  Shimbi Insights    by Tisha John

I must admit, I was pretty much curious about the ‘working holidays’ post and flash mob pictures uploaded on ShimBi Labs Facebook page. So this assignment was received gleefully by me- both for the familiarity and the curiosity.

I Could Implement What I Learnt

Posted on : 01-Feb-2017  in  Shimbi Insights    by ShimBi Labs

Being a fresher, I was given autonomy to go ahead and do what I wanted and my new ideas were given the chance to flourish.

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