Why Should Businesses Use Online Billing/Invoicing System?


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Online Billing sometimes also referred as eBilling is currently popular option to deliver Bills or Invoices. In recent all utility bills are being delivered in the form of electronic bills. This was quite old practice in eCommerce and Web Hosting companies, but now others are also following the trend. The ultimately aims at reducing current cost of at least 60% for bill issuers and reducing payment cycle.



Paper bills are replaced by electronic bills by many organizations. Customers can view their Invoices or Bills authorized online portal or can receive them in an email.


Many organization are even going further steps and providing one click button to pay these Invoices or Bills online by Credit/Debit Cards and Net Banking.


In B2B scenario companies can download their invoices in CSV or XML format and are able to import them to their accounting application and archive them electronically in accordance with statutory requirements.


In 2014, as many as approx. 350 million paperless bills will likely be sent out through online billing or online invoicing systems. More than 5 million companies and around 80 million consumers make use of online  billing systems.


Following are few top advantage of using online billing Systems -

  1. Smarter invoicing
  2. Access Anytime, Anywhere
  3. Powerful reports
  4. Get paid online & offline
  5. Your data is always safe
  6. Take total control


Its time for Business to embarrass online billing system to save cost, increase payment efficiency.



Who can use online billing System?


Online billing system can be used by anyone, be it small or medium size businesses, family business, professional or freelancers everyone need to invoice their customers.


ShimBi MyBilling


ShimBi MyBilling is cloud based online billing System. ShimBi MyBilling is the easiest & simplest way to invoice your customers. Create, Send and Manage your invoices & receipts online. More to it accept online & offline payments from customers. Not only this but you can also create elegant looking estimates and Quotes in minutes and convert them to invoice in one click.


We will be sending invitations to participate in Beta 1 release to selected client before we open Beta 2 to all, so if you wish to be first to know and participate in Beta 2 open release signin for our newsletter.

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