Want to attract the best talent? Here's how to go about it.

Posted on 08 Sep 2020 16:04 in Web & App Design
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Attracting the best talent in the job market is very difficult. But the best-designed career page can help you do it. A career page is the first and lasting impression job seekers have of your company. Want to know how to improve it? Read this article.

Every year some employees resign, and new ones join in. Every business needs to hire new people. 


Hiring people, according to the company's needs, is a cumbersome job. Going through their CV's, taking interviews, and then select the right people. It is a comprehensive process.


Most of the fresh graduates who step into the job world are very confused about applying and where to apply. Hence, if you want to attract them to your firm, you need to create a proper career page.


Importance of a Career Page

From the career page, prospective job seekers get the first impression of your brand. It helps them understand your company, its culture, and their future with your company. It is a key factor for attracting the best talents to your company. It also helps in building a successful employer brand.


Two- thirds of job seekers visit the company career page after learning about a job opening.


After finding a job offer, 64% of candidates research a company online, and 37% move on to another job offer if they cannot find adequate information.


Before applying for any job, millennials compare similar jobs. They do thorough research. They compare career pages, social media accounts of the company, and ratings by employees. They do not want to apply for a regular 9 to 5 job. They want something flexible and more personal. They want a company that understands the employee's problems and is accommodative.


In the words of Robin D. Richards, Chairman and CEO of Careerarc, "We live in an age where the decisions we make about where to eat, what movie to watch, and now where to work will likely be influenced by an online rating or review generated by peers, not companies.


This reality illustrates the shifting balance of power from employers to employees who, emboldened by a recovering labor market, are growing more vocal and demanding.


Those organizations that continue to neglect their brand and reputation as employers increase risks of losing out on the best talents. Especially those who are looking to hire millennial workforce


So how do you create an ideal career page?
An ideal career page is one that is organized and easy to understand. Information should be presented in such a manner that it is crystal clear to job seekers. It should be appealing to the eyes of the reader.


It should display necessary information such as 

• Vacant position

• Educational qualification required

• Daily responsibilities

• Employee benefits and perks

• Working hours and location


Apart from all this necessary information, it would be best to write about how friendly and inviting your workplace is about your company culture. The career page should scream inclusivity and belongingness.


It shouldn't be just cold, hard facts.


Ideal career page conversion rate
After preparing and uploading your career page, several people will visit it. Including aspiring candidates will visit your website. But this doesn't mean that everyone will apply. Only if the person is satisfied he will apply for the job.


A comforting and inviting career page helps to increase the conversion rate. The average conversion rate was around 18% in 2019. The more welcoming the career page, the more the conversion rate!


Every company wants to increase its conversion rate. If there are more candidates, they have more options from which they can select the most suitable one. Fewer applications are a disadvantage to your firm. If you create a career page and get an inadequate response, you'll know that something is wrong in it.


A few good examples of career pages are of apple.comshimbilabs.com, and automattic.com.


When you visit the career page of apple.com, you will notice that it is very inviting. It shows the perks of being an employee. It also has various videos of their employees sharing their experience. A section is given where you can write what type of job you are seeking and the location. Later they refer to it and contact you.


In the career page of shimbilabs.com, various job opportunities are listed. All information about it is clearly stated. Information on how to apply is so easy and can be done in a few clicks.


It also shows how their selection process is different from other companies. Work from home option also makes it is very inviting.


In the website of automattic.com, various images are displayed. It shows the fun and exciting trips the company organizes for its employees. It shows that they understand their employee's need for recreation.


They also enlist the various advantages and showcase how fun their workplace is. This makes the job seekers attracted to the job.


A proper career page is essential to attract the best talents. You have to put in efforts on the career page.


In recent, it's rare to go to the office and ask people about the job. Everything is done online now. So, the online impression is very important. An organized and attractive career page can only create an excellent online image and attract the right talents. 


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