COVID-19 crisis and the best practices for small businesses to maintain cash flow.

Posted on 08 Jul 2021 12:50 in Small Business Hacks
by ShimBi Labs  |  0  Comments

Some of you may think, isn't it late to discuss this topic? NO, definitely not. As vaccination rolling out globally, it may give us an easy impression that things will quickly get back to normal. But unfortunately, it's still painfully slow in many part...

A Covid-19 Hospital Bed Availability Dashboard

Posted on 09 May 2021 09:09 in Shimbi Insights
by Siddharth Deshmukh  |  0  Comments

It is heartbreaking to see the situation in India due to the second wave of Covid-19. This wave devastated many lives. People are clueless and wandering around for primary medical care, oxygen, and medicines. Hospital beds are in shortage...

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