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Posted on 17 Feb 2014 10:10 in Press Releases

Change your next Auto Rickshaw ride experience forever. ShimBi Labs brings you social sharing App. to share your Auto Rickshaw experience with your friends.


ShimBi Labs, Pune. - Today, we would like to announce about ShimBi Labs' one of CSR initiatives.


ShimBi Labs has developed the AutoCop, a social awareness app that allows users to share their experiences of Auto Rickshaw ride with others. It helps a rider to channelize his frustration or good experience of an Auto Rickshaw ride and share it on various platforms of social media. We aim to facilitate people in India (including Auto Rickshaw drivers) to be more aware of the benefit achieved by accumulating the day-to-day service quality, either good or bad.



Cool Features

  1. Share your Experience with one click.
  2. Check Auto Profile (Based on other user experience) before getting on.
  3. Top 10 list for Good and Bad Auto Rickshaw Profiles.
  4. Virtual Meter

So next time you take a ride, just download this free AutoCop App from Google Play store and share you experience.


We focus more about sharing experiences than complaining. Through social awareness, we hope every Auto Rickshaw ride will be a pleasant one.

Help us spread the word, forward this message to your friends and family!


ShimBi Labs
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