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Getting traffic to your website may seems like a tedious task to you. As soon as you hear such technical terms, your mind goes bonkers, and your palms get sweaty. Here are some tricks and hacks for promoting your website or blog.

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Getting traffic to your website may seems like a tedious task to you. As soon as you hear such technical terms, your mind goes bonkers, and your palms get sweaty. But, trust us, when you have some tricks and hacks up your sleeve, you can give the others a run for their money.


Promoting your website or blog essentially means to attract more customers to your website or blog and keep them interested. In other words, increasing traffic. Follow these few tips and see how your traffic goes from very low to too busy!


1. Make content which is irresistible.
No matter what your website or blog is about - whether about selling soaps or inspiring people- make sure your reader gets hooked to your content of the website. The content of website don’t necessarily have to be long, but it needs to be informative and entertaining.

Make your website content in such a ways that it is well-mixed with a good amount of quantity as well as quality. If you want your website or blog to be ranked high on search results, your articles should be shareable, meaning people should be compelled to read it and share it on social media. The content should be informative enough that your website becomes the expert opinion about that particular product or service.

2. Get other bloggers to blog on your website.
Guest blogging may seem like an old-fashioned idea, but it is still well and alive, and receiving the attention of people. Your guest bloggers should be from the same genre of writing as you and your company belong to. This will increase your traffic by letting in the opportunity of some of your guest bloggers’ readers to visit your website. For example, if your guest blogger has 5000 visitors, your website will now have a chance of getting 5000 visits.

Not only is this useful for getting more traffic, but getting linked by a blog or website which is already highly ranked in search engine results, will make your blog or website found too.

Although the idea looks simple and compelling, be aware of bloggers who will not be of much help to you. Here are a few tips to keep away from such people:

  • Don’t let just any blogger be your guest. The guest blogger should be an expert in your niche and should be well-versed with what goes into making successful blogs.
  • Do a little background research on the blogger before accepting them and their work. Read their published articles and blogs, their responses and the kind of response they have received from the audience.
  • You can also start by asking well-known bloggers to write for you.


If the content they make is not good enough, then consider not publishing it. Always remember to put up those articles through which your readers will gain something and be entertained at the same time.

3. Write on trending topics.
It doesn’t matter if the topic dies down in a few days. Write on that topic while it is still hot. People like controversial topics, which ignite their curiosity. You can write about trending topics in the news, film, media or anything you wish. By using Google Trends, you will know what people are discussing currently.


When you write about controversial topics, there is less competition because not many people are taking that risk. So, your chances of coming at the top of search results will also be higher.


If you are a making a website to sell your products, you can use the blogging section to give advice to people to make the right choices; or about matters which you interest your buyers. Tell them facts about your products, its usefulness and why it is better than anything else in the market.


4. Use social media and shine through different ways.
Using social media is a great way to promote your business, website and blog. There are so many places you can be. But don’t you think people will get bored looking at the same old content everywhere they go? They would, and this is why we suggest coming up and showing many sides of your business through all the available platforms. Keep things simple on Instagram, make witty, funny and informative content on Facebook, be professional on LinkedIn and blog all your want in Twitter.


These were the four ways to market your website or blog through blogging smartly. Here are some simple, easy and old tips to promote your products offline:

  1. Make visiting cards.
    And add all the details of your website, blog and social media links along with your email addresses and telephones.
  2. Put your business and website on print and electronic media
    Newspapers and Television ads may be old, but if you are serious about growing your business, then these are the go-to options for increasing the sales and traffic of your website. Ads can be placed on Radio stations as well.
  3. When on hold, make callers hear the website name.
    When callers are put on hold, tell them that you can be reached via your website and through emails. This clever little trick can put your website name into the minds of your customers. Instead of making your customers wait, tell them they can get the required information on your website when they make after-hour calls.
  4. Add the information with every email you send.
    The number of times your clients see the address to your website and social networking sites, more chances there will be of them visiting the links.


If you are not happy with your current website or the way things are, then Budo is your best resort, Its reliable resort. Budo is website builder that comes with many features like eDistribution for distributing your content email and downloadable format. Social is a platform to reach out on social media platforms; Sitemap to let crawlers crawl through your website and increase the ranking in search results; SEO Booster to make the content rich with SEO keywords; and so many more options. So, go ahead and get exploring!

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