Introducing Partner Program for ShimBi CMS.


Posted on 22 Oct 2012 09:00 in Shimbi Labs Products


Today we would like to announce ShimBi CMS Partner Program.


Based on huge response and feedback that we received for our blog post “How to Build a Business Around ShimBi CMS Budo”. As a result, we decided to introduce our Partner Program for ShimBi CMS Budo.


It's very simple, If you build a website on ShimBi CMS Budo platform for your customer you get paid a generous reward. Of course, this is apart from your professional fees that you may charge your customer.


This partner program is designed to help you maximise your profit margins by delivering responsive, mobile-friendly websites efficiently on a secured platform.


Top 5 benefits of Partner Program

  1. Higher payouts than competitors.
  2. Above average conversion rates.
  3. Promote the amazing CMS platform.
  4. Benefit from our rapid growth.
  5. Feel proud, you're referring most amazing product.



About ShimBi CMS Budo
ShimBi CMS Budo is a Website Builder and Content Management System (CMS). It has everything that you need to create a beautiful website. ShimBi CMS Budo has everything you desire to help you build your customer website efficiently.  It is search engine friendly, mobile friendly and social friendly web development platform. 

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