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Posted on 23 Dec 2011 15:11 in Shimbi Labs Products by ShimBi Labs

We would like to announce the release of ShimBi CMS Budo 4.2. Simple yet powerful solution to create, manage and update your website.

If you’ve signup recently for Shimbi CMS Budo 4.2, you may not have noticed that some of these things are new. But for those upgrading from Shimbi CMS Budo 4.1 here’s a list of updates. 


  1. Better Module control for professional design
  2. Manage Search Box position
  3. Improved Header Image animation
  4. Improved look & feel of several modules
  5. Performance improvements through about CMS engine.


Bits and Bobs
In addition to above update, you can always rely on UI improvements, stability and performance fixes, and general code cleaning. See all features at this link.


Budo 4.2 is now available you can signup from our homepage. With all sign ups, new updates and support are always free.



Our existing clients with Budo 4.0 and above installation will get this release free!


We would like to say thank you to all of our users and supporters for using Shimbi CMS Budo. Help us improve Budo, provide your feedback, suggestions, and comments below.

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