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Yeah J that curiosity always hits all… am I paying the right price?? Do I need this service for a website? Going back time, one day you wake up from nowhere with an idea of  creating a website to represent your business (here business can be anything from huge company to niche  to local retail vendor or anyone).So once you take this decision, you end up researching sites, troubling your friends, references etc.


What type of website I need?
Type of website depends on the requirements of clients for instance there are few who start up with an idea of basic static page website and end up with a fully dynamic featured well designed websites.


To name a few types of websites::


1. Simple informative :
This kinds of websites end up there simplicity when we are motivated to add some minor add ons!!


2. Ecommerce shopping / Display shop products :
Good one for business, retailers wherein one can display his own products plus get some advertisements as well lined up near footer side or on margins. Ecommerce sites are genuinely known to be dynamic sites may sometimes even be simple static site. For instance, some sites like might only want to display there shop online without complex shopping cart.  


3. Dynamic informative content driven based on CMS:
Many pages to maintain must have good integrity, navigation, easy updating etc.Lots of contents, pages, videos, text all managed by CMS. For example ShimBi CMS is simple, easy to use CMS in market.


4. Others business related, institutional websites, web application based websites :
Websites with additional applications like plug-in support, unique page designs, extra graphics, integrating some open source blog software to website or adding up some simple database modules like newsletters, sign up forms etc.

Empty your pockets for ….


Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting Costs!!


So the natural steps include domain name registration & website hosting. No - no you can’t help the questions, doubts coming to you!! Lets make it simple by changing the questions to:


What will be the name of my domain? Obviously something related to your business, purpose or website. Just choose the right words and you are on!!


What plan should I select? Before this you have to figure out how much space, email accounts, bandwidth you would really require?


Some hosting providers give as much as 5 GB space, 50 GB bandwidth, hst up to 5 websites plus unlimited emails, sub domains it’s a good plan but what if you don’t need so much space why not go for 1 GB for INR 595 or UED 9.48 !!


Check for many attractive webhosting offers.


Designing & Developing Costs!!


Yup, this is the core part of our mission website. Website need to be designed properly then design should be developed for working functionalities.


Depending on how complicated you want your site to be, some may choose to hire a web designer to create a brand, create the website to match the company services, products and see for themselves the whole design look. Designer costs depending on the template requirements. Developer will just convert all into codes and make the pages navigable.


The Design-Development combo is very cheap for simple static website and also might push the cost for fairly complex websites.


There are many free templates available over the internet, you can go through them and search one matching your website profile. Instead of having them designed from scratch, you can ask the designer to make some modifications in it.


Web Content: Text, Images or Photos


You might be able to do this all by yourself .As you would be able to describe your products, services or whatever it may be properly still if you want that professional touch you can hire a copy writer.

Some tips to break the prices to affordable level:

  1. Learn some basics related to html, css etc.
  2. Web hosting plans consider attributes such as space, bandwidth, no. of emails, subdomains etc.
  3. Get a domain name related to keyword search, it will save costs related to initial SEO
  4. Collect all data like images, photos, text on your own. You would end up with good content and also save money on copywriter.


If you want to update customers with current offers, news or any technology related updates, using blogs is the best option, you can easily install, attach the blogs to your website. There are many free blog applications available FREE of cost.


Research, references or surveying gives a definite idea of basic ongoing market price. Get quotes from   as many as possible then compare – prices, services & quality.


(Written by Shweta Kale)


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