Budo Website Builder updates - add video, maps, and more.

Posted on 15-Jan-2020

Today we have some a few exciting updates one Budo to share with you.

Google Fonts are now available on your website and blog created with Budo.

Posted on 15-Sep-2019

Over 20 new Google Fonts are now available on your website and blog created with Budo.

How to increase your visibility with the website created using Budo?

Posted on 07-Jul-2019

Creating your website is just the beginning. Promoting your website and driving traffic to your website is essential. With Budo's built-in social media platform. SEO Booster, Blog and Newsletter promoting your website is effortless.

Indian Business - Get paid online, faster and easier, with Shimbi Invoice payment integration

Posted on 14-Aug-2017

Since 2006, Shimbi Labs helping freelancers and small businesses streamline their invoicing. Today we are announcing 4 payment options for our Indian Business to get paid online.

Shimbi Invoice is GST-ready for India

Posted on 08-Jul-2017

Creating GST compliant invoices takes just seconds with Shimbi Invoice. Stop worrying about GST and focus on growing your business.

I Have Few Exciting Updates For You About Budo

Posted on 03-Aug-2016

Budo is a leading cloud-based web development platform created with one goal in mind: to help people get online without technical skills and a big budget. Budo is a Website Builder and Content Management System.

You Need Budo Because Everything Starts With Website.

Posted on 21-Feb-2016

Here is our press release for Surge Conference, Bangalore 23-24 Feb 2016 for Budo, a leading cloud-based web development platform.

Budo Blog: Start Telling Your Story

Posted on 02-Feb-2016

Today we are announcing Budo Blog. Make an amazing blog in minutes. Instantly create the personal or professional blog with your website.

CMS Budo Calendar: Manage Events Like Never Before

Posted on 24-Oct-2015

Announcing all new Event Calendar; packed with exciting new features and amazing new look.

Photos for Budo - All New Way To Display Photos On Your Website

Posted on 25-Aug-2015

Introducing Photos for Budo. Photos is an easy-to-use responsive Photo Gallery app for your Budo powered website.

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