CMS Budo: The Full-Screen Layout Is Now Available

Posted on 14-Jul-2015

Today we are releasing Full-Screen Layout support with CMS Budo.

CMS Budo: 5 New Features Coming Your Way this August!

Posted on 02-Jun-2015

Well, this is for the first time we are announcing upcoming features in CMS Budo because we are so excited about them to wait until release.

CMS Budo 5.1.2c Released

Posted on 08-Apr-2015

ShimBi Labs today released CMS Budo 5.1.2c. This release is completely focused on popular customer demands.

ShimBi MyBilling 2.4 Released

Posted on 23-Mar-2015

We would like to announce the release of ShimBi MyBilling 2.4 with Report Module and some other improvement in UX.

CMS Budo 5.1.1c Released

Posted on 09-Mar-2015

We're back with another CMS Budo incremental release! For the last two months since we released CMS Budo 5.1c on 9th Jan 2015 we spent a lot of time working on security, stability and performance improvement.

5 Things About ShimBi CMS Budo, Your Boss Wants To Know

Posted on 21-Feb-2015

Are you the one who is given responsibility to select perfect website builder and CMS for your company website? Then this blog post is for you.

My Experience With CMS Budo By Savi

Posted on 01-Feb-2015

Today I would like to share my experience with CMS Budo (A website builder and Content Managment System) and the company behind it ShimBi Labs. Read this before you start using it ....

CMS Budo 5.1c Released

Posted on 09-Jan-2015

Today, we are releasing CMS Budo 5.1c. We have done lots of improvement, bug fixes and some additions in this version.

Why ShimBi MyBilling? This Video Explains.

Posted on 27-Dec-2014

ShimBi MyBilling is ideal for freelancers, professional, small businesses and start-ups. This Video Explains.

GST Tabled In Lok Sabha, Is MyBilling Ready?

Posted on 20-Dec-2014

This is the biggest tax reform since Independence; analysts are calling it as a "game changer" that would cut the cost of doing business and boost economic growth.

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